Day 16

Yesterday, day 16 of my training, fell on my weekly early morning mass.  I met my co-worker at Starbucks, opting for the Sugar Free Hazelnut flavoring in my much needed iced coffee.  I tried to very quietly sip my coffee throughout the mass, hoping the ice would not clink too loudly.  Luckily, over half of the attendees are in their 80’s, so I doubt they would hear it anyway…

After the communion cracker taste wore off, we were hitting the pavement with our intervals.  The beauty of the intervals is that it gives me 1 minute every 45 seconds to a) catch my breath and b) chat with my friends.  The 2.5 miles went by really fast as we caught up on the latest gossip and confirmed that, indeed, Neil Armstrong died a year ago, not this week.

During the work day, the diet plan went fairly well…until….the glorious, warm, sinful Tiff’s Treat delivery arrived.  It was the boss-man’s birthday yesterday, so we ordered these delicious treats to arrive at 1pm.  Unfortunately, I had not eaten lunch yet, so those chocolate-oozing pieces of heaven became my idea of the perfect meal. 

I forgot that cookies are probably not the best choice for pre-workout fuel.  Last night, my boyfriend and I had plans to do Insanity, which we attempt to do at least twice a week.  I still get as sweaty as day-one of Insanity and we have been doing it for months now.  The worst part about Insanity is this: long hair tied up in pony tail + sticky, sweaty body = full-on hair attack.  My hair gets caught in all sorts of places – particularly under my armpits, resulting in a painful feeling that my pony tail is being yanked back.  Add in a self-induced sugar-filled stomach and you have a horrible workout filled with nausea and a headache.  Luckily, my sweet boyfriend could sense my increasing annoyance and stopped the DVD after only 20 minutes in.  We did end up getting a great workout in because pre-Insanity hair attack, we ran a solid mile in 9 minutes, 5 seconds around the park.  That is a record for me!

After a much needed shower, I got to work on a special dinner I wanted to make for my boyfriend.  He is usually the cook, so it is nice to be able to treat him every once in a while…even though I can never find anything in his kitchen, plus he has the kitchen of a man with NO measuring devices or handy utensils.  I managed to get the meal cooked and plated by 8:30pm – and trust me, it was worth the wait!  I made delicious zucchini pizzas.  The zucchini subs for the carb-loaded crust, and at 182 calories a “pizza”, it is pretty much guilt-free.  I even made enough for us to each have some leftovers for today…so I am already looking forward to dinner tonight.

Here is the recipe if you are interested:


Day 16: Completed 3.5 miles broken into two parts.  Record of 9 minute, 5 second mile!

(no milkshake, but an embarrassing amount of cookies)

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